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Link ID Ltd is a property management company born out of a passion to personalise the property investment experience.


24 Cherry Orchard Road Bromley, England, BR2 8NE

Fax: +44 (0) 202 0000 001
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Born of a Passion

To build well designed properties to the highest standards, with quality finishes, that create a lifestyle the buyer/renter/guest aspires to. Creating work for local contractors to support local business and families, and making money for our investors, and leaving a legacy for our families.


"I invested £100,000 in July 2019 and have seen my investment grow in that year by 8%. Suzanne contacted me 3 months before the contract expired and I chose to reinvest the full £108.000 for another year. I have also added an additional £30.000 recently. I have been really impressed with Suzanne and Craig's vision and the standard of the property they completed when I visited. Being a silent investor means I can sit back and watch the progress of the projects and I am looking forward to visiting the next ones."

Anon, Link ID Investor

"Investing with Suzanne's company, Link ID was easy, clear and transparent. The guaranteed return on my investment was as per our original agreement; paid in full on time and without drama. Link ID provided a great opportunity to enjoy the returns from property investment without any of the costs and challenges of indulging directly in the ever crowded buy-to-let market."

David Frederick, Link ID Investor

"Given their rate of return, it made sense to keep my money with Link ID and liquidate all other investments that were not getting the same return"

Caroline Rowett, Link ID Investor

"I can honestly say that this is the best thing I've ever done for my business....a working system and growth is all I've ever craved for my business."

Steve, Trade to Developer Masterclass Participant

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Investment Packages

With all investment packages, you have the choice to claim your interest either annually, monthly, quarterly, or at the end of your term. There are financial rewards available to investors who introduce us to other investors. We offer three different investment packages to cater to your needs.

  • Bronze Investment Package
  • 8% ROI %
    1 Year Term Contract

Invest £100,000 on the bronze package and you will see a return of £8,000 in 12 months.

  • Silver Investment Package
  • 10% ROI %
    2 Years Term Contract

Invest £300,000 on the Silver package. Interest rolled over each year to the end of the term:

  • Year 1 = 30,000
  • Year 2= 33,000
  • Year 3= 36,300

Payout at the end of the term is £399,300

Or if you invest 300,000 on the silver package, your annual interest paid out monthly would equal a payout of £2,500 per month.

  • Gold Investment Package
  • 12% ROI $
    3+ Years Term Contract

Invest £100,000 on the Gold package. Your ROI will be:

  • Year 1= £12,000
  • Year 2 = £13,440
  • Year 3 = £15,052.80
  • Year 4 = £16,859.14
  • Year 5 = £18,882.23
  • Year 6 = £21,148.10

Total interest over term £97,382.25

  • Year 7 = £23,685.87
  • Year 8 = £26,528.17

Total interest over term = £147,596.29


Our vision is to build a business network that offers low-risk, high-interest property investment opportunities, while also supporting a community of trusted and highly skilled local trades people. We strongly believe in a people-centric business model whereby our professional relationships are paramount.

Our Experience

The company was founded by industry experts Craig Shields and Suzanne Elsey. The duo collectively has 47 years of experience in construction, project management, property refurbishment, interior design and sales. Their combined skill set empowers them with the insight to research, develop and market the very best property across the country for maximum profitability.


Contact us to find out more about our investment opportunities. We do our best to reply to all enquiries within 24 hours.

24 Cherry Orchard Road, Bromley, England, BR2 8NE

Craig: 07769 585427

Suzanne: 07769 585427

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